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Signet Rings.

This week I am covering a topic that is close to my heart. Signet rings. My signet rings are my most popular item. They have been bought all over the world and I'm very proud of that. I'm proud of that fact as the more it spreads hopefully more people can realise how much they have been over paying at 'high street retailers'.

My test subject today is a very famous jewellers on Hatton Garden known for their incredible signet rings. Now I'm aware that there is an aspect of paying for the brand, it's almost like insurance, you pay that little bit extra to assure yourself that you you've got the best product for your money, right?

This 'high street retailer' charge £250 for an oval signet ring in sterling silver and £600 for and oval signet ring in 9ct gold.

We Charge £60 for an oval signet ring in sterling silver and £300 for an oval signet ring in 9ct gold.

Now that's a bit more than a 'little bit extra' if you ask me. So how on earth can they charge so much more when our signet rings are hand crafted in the same way, our signet rings are the exact same size and made from the exact same materials? 

I am still asking myself the same question. Paying for the brand is often no more than that, chances are your local jeweller can produce the exact same product for half the price.

Single Stone Pendant.

This week we are writing about a .50ct single stone diamond pendant. Honestly these post are easier to make than I thought. I go on to any 'high street jewellers' website and immediately start laughing. I don't think 'they' have a single item that I couldn't write a post about, half of them do not even specify the quality of the diamond. NEVER buy a diamond that has no specifications with It!

Most diamonds should have certificates from an independent laboratory this guarantees you what you are buying, not only does having a certificate make insurance and valuing easier but If you do get round to selling your diamond you will get better prices for It as the buyer can be certain of It's value.   

The main laboratories are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) there are many other but these are the ones you know you can trust. Always ask If the stones you are buying has a certificate its not a legal requirement to have a certificate so don't be alarmed If diamonds don't, It's just useful If you are on the fence about an item. You can also send jewellery you already own to them to be certificated If you would like peace of mind over anything you have bought.

Back to the piece at hand.

Single stone pendant In a 18ct white gold 4 claw setting with an 18" 18ct white cold curb chain.

The stone Is .50ct brilliant cut. Clarity: 'SI1'. Colour: 'F'  £2,366.

We would charge £1,800 to make this piece along with a full GIA report.


.50ct Diamond Studs

This week we made up some some half carat white diamond studs. They are set in a simplistic 4 claw 18ct white gold mount. These diamonds are a solid pair of stones coming in at 'F' in colour and 'VS1' in clarity. Earrings like this are perfect for all occasions as they are comfortable enough to be worn day to day yet eye catching enough to turn heads on a night out. 

The colour of white diamonds is graded from D-Z. This depends on how white a diamond is; diamonds under close examination will have a slight yellow hint to them. A 'D' colour diamond will be as white as a diamond can be where as an 'L' graded diamond will have visible accents of yellow in them. D-F is regarded as 'colourless', G-J is 'near colourless', K-M is 'Faint yellow', N-R is 'very light yellow', S-Z is 'light yellow'. If diamonds have such intense colour that they can't be put on this scale they are considered 'Fancy' and actually start to go up in value.

We offer these earrings at the extremely competitive price of £3000

A 'high street jewellers' sell a similar pair that have slightly better colour but slight lower clarity. They have them on the shelf for £5000 Colour 'D' Clarity 'SI1'.

Not as bad as a lot of jewellers but still more than your local jeweller will charge.

18ct white gold 2ct diamond ring.

I'm going to be starting a weekly post in which we pick a random piece of diamond jewellery off a 'high street retailers' website, to try to give you more information on what you are actually buying. Also to show you that you don't need to go to a large jewellers with a fancy name to get high quality diamond jewellery, often your local jeweller can obtain an unquestionably high quality piece just without all the nasty retail mark up. We are not going to name names or point fingers as we are not here to besmirch anyones image, we are just here to prove that the big diamond retailers aren't always the way to go.

This week we are posting about an engagement ring made by a 'high street jewellers'. In which they claim to have diamonds with 'enhanced brilliance' whatever that means. Do not let them con you into this BS. This ring is their most expensive engagement ring and it is on the lower side of the quality scale. With diamonds this size clarity really comes into effect, clarity is graded on the amount of visible flaws (inclusions) a diamond has such as carbon deposits which appear as tiny black specks or 'feathers' which are small cracks in the stone that often resemble a feather. This stone is graded an 'SI2' which stands for slightly included, the definition of this grade is..."Inclusions are noticeable to a skilled grader using 10x magnification". Usually on an 'SI2' you will be able to find flaws with the naked eye after close inspection. 

This ring sits on there website at a whopping £28,999. 2ct Colour 'I' Clarity 'SI2'.

We would make this ring for £17,000.

It is very tasteful simplistic 4 claw solitaire design in 18ct white gold.

Don't get us wrong we are not saying you have to splash out tens of thousands to get a decent ring, we are just trying to help you get the most for your money.