Castro Smith.

This week is going to be a little different, I'm going to be positive in this weeks post and talk about a jeweller I am a big fan of as hearing me moan week after week about the jewellery industry is going to make me come off like Joe Budden. 

Castro Smith is an extremely talented engraver (a craft Im very jealous of). His work has a very unique unconventional look where he combines a chipped / cracked texture along with some very intricate detailed engraving making his signet rings stand out from the rest.

He also incorporates the use of plating in which he will plate a gold ring black so when he engraves away the plating the the shine of the underlying gold seems to burst through with the contrast of colour and texture. Sometimes giving it a marble affect.

There is no doubting this mans talent and craftsmanship, his pieces are quite expensive but if you ask me well worth the money as you are buying art.

Sorry that this post is quite odd and short, Im not used to being so positive. Im sure It will be back to the usual slander next week.


Harry HuntComment