Single Stone Pendant.

This week we are writing about a .50ct single stone diamond pendant. Honestly these post are easier to make than I thought. I go on to any 'high street jewellers' website and immediately start laughing. I don't think 'they' have a single item that I couldn't write a post about, half of them do not even specify the quality of the diamond. NEVER buy a diamond that has no specifications with It!

Most diamonds should have certificates from an independent laboratory this guarantees you what you are buying, not only does having a certificate make insurance and valuing easier but If you do get round to selling your diamond you will get better prices for It as the buyer can be certain of It's value.   

The main laboratories are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) there are many other but these are the ones you know you can trust. Always ask If the stones you are buying has a certificate its not a legal requirement to have a certificate so don't be alarmed If diamonds don't, It's just useful If you are on the fence about an item. You can also send jewellery you already own to them to be certificated If you would like peace of mind over anything you have bought.

Back to the piece at hand.

Single stone pendant In a 18ct white gold 4 claw setting with an 18" 18ct white cold curb chain.

The stone Is .50ct brilliant cut. Clarity: 'SI1'. Colour: 'F'  £2,366.

We would charge £1,800 to make this piece along with a full GIA report.