.50ct Diamond Studs

This week we made up some some half carat white diamond studs. They are set in a simplistic 4 claw 18ct white gold mount. These diamonds are a solid pair of stones coming in at 'F' in colour and 'VS1' in clarity. Earrings like this are perfect for all occasions as they are comfortable enough to be worn day to day yet eye catching enough to turn heads on a night out. 

The colour of white diamonds is graded from D-Z. This depends on how white a diamond is; diamonds under close examination will have a slight yellow hint to them. A 'D' colour diamond will be as white as a diamond can be where as an 'L' graded diamond will have visible accents of yellow in them. D-F is regarded as 'colourless', G-J is 'near colourless', K-M is 'Faint yellow', N-R is 'very light yellow', S-Z is 'light yellow'. If diamonds have such intense colour that they can't be put on this scale they are considered 'Fancy' and actually start to go up in value.

We offer these earrings at the extremely competitive price of £3000

A 'high street jewellers' sell a similar pair that have slightly better colour but slight lower clarity. They have them on the shelf for £5000 Colour 'D' Clarity 'SI1'.

Not as bad as a lot of jewellers but still more than your local jeweller will charge.