Signet Rings.

This week I am covering a topic that is close to my heart. Signet rings. My signet rings are my most popular item. They have been bought all over the world and I'm very proud of that. I'm proud of that fact as the more it spreads hopefully more people can realise how much they have been over paying at 'high street retailers'.

My test subject today is a very famous jewellers on Hatton Garden known for their incredible signet rings. Now I'm aware that there is an aspect of paying for the brand, it's almost like insurance, you pay that little bit extra to assure yourself that you you've got the best product for your money, right?

This 'high street retailer' charge £250 for an oval signet ring in sterling silver and £600 for and oval signet ring in 9ct gold.

We Charge £60 for an oval signet ring in sterling silver and £300 for an oval signet ring in 9ct gold.

Now that's a bit more than a 'little bit extra' if you ask me. So how on earth can they charge so much more when our signet rings are hand crafted in the same way, our signet rings are the exact same size and made from the exact same materials? 

I am still asking myself the same question. Paying for the brand is often no more than that, chances are your local jeweller can produce the exact same product for half the price.